Cars without Drivers

Can computerized cars drive better than we can?

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Allahu Akbar! – The View from 2018 – The Unz Review

“In May of 2018, the second year of Mrs. Clinton’s administration, national puzzlement was high over the continuing wave of mass killings. A week before, nineteen children had died in the Blaintree Kindergarten massacre in San Francisco when Mohammed Shah Massoud, Faisal ibn Saud, and Hussein al Rashid burst into the school and began firing. As […]”

Source: Allahu Akbar! – The View from 2018 – The Unz Review

Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare – The Unz Review

A tribulation of following the news is the desperate peddling—it would appall an Amway salesman– of diversity, said to be our strength. Oh? Exactly why it is our strength is never specified. It seems to have brought no benefit beyond crime, rape, and genital mutilation. While the desirability of these advances is beyond dispute, it nonetheless seems to me that diversity has minor drawbacks worthy of consideration.

Source: Diversity: A Civilizational Nightmare – The Unz Review