Articles: How Can I Possibly Grade These Students?

“How can I possibly grade the following actual unedited submissions?”

Attached is the actual outline for my ruff raft. Please, account this as credit therefore I’ll prove my academic progression as acknowledgment for satisfactory of the course. The presentation shall be captivating with visualization being a current pet owner of a fish too!

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Neo-Paganism is sweeping the First World — and that’s a bad thing *UPDATED*

Over the past few days, in connection with posts about Islam’s innately violent nature (which I see as being different from the fact that Europeans used violence in Christianity’s name)…

“4. Pagans use sexual excess, including pedophilia, homosexuality, and ritual prostitution, as a key concept in their worship. These ritual sexual behaviors are often tied to fertility rites, sacrifice, and ritual frenzies.”

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Alternative für Deutschland | The Z Blog

“The responsibility of the people put in charge, their chief responsibility, is to maintain public order. You cannot have a civilized and prosperous society with civil unrest. Deliberately inviting in these problems, as we see with Merkel in German and the open borders lobbies in America, is a betrayal of the public trust. In another age, the elites would not have to fear these populist parties as the people would have hung the elites before it got to this point.”

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