Actress Delivers Gun Control Lies on Cue – Bearing Arms

“We passed a law where you have to have mandatory background checks, and criminals shouldn’t be getting guns, but what I didn’t know was that law didn’t include Internet gun sales or gun sales at gun shows and that those sales make up 40 percent of all gun sales.”

What a lying slut! All of my gun purchases have been at gun shows and I’ve had to pass the background check every time.

An actress who pretends to be somebody she isn’t for a living. Obviously mentally deficient.

Source: Actress Delivers Gun Control Lies on Cue – Bearing Arms

The Rapid Fall of Socialist Venezuela |

“Sounds a lot like what is going on here in the US. Obama has incompetently and purposefully mismanaged our money as well. Our national debt has risen $8 trillion since Obama has been in office. Corruption is everywhere and people are stealing America blind in the name of wealth redistribution. Our debt is double the size it was before the last crisis.”

Source: The Rapid Fall of Socialist Venezuela |

Yeah, right! I believe this… not!

IQ Test

Back in high school I remember they would administer IQ tests to us. But they never released the results. I was reading an article about IQ and genetics and thought I’d see if there were any free IQ tests. I’m surprised at the result. But it was only twenty questions. Doubt that’s enough for a good assessment.

IQ Test

September 2007 | American Renaissance

“He also ignores the fact that European ethnics were absorbed because they learned English and became largely indistinguishable from WASPS by such measures as income, education, crime rates, etc. It was a one-way street: They became Americans. People didn’t learn to like diversity; the newcomers became more like the old-timers, and the diversity went away.”

Source: September 2007 | American Renaissance