The death of Mohammed Ali started a discussion on a private group about bullies.

Frankly, I’m glad I was bullied in high school. I learned how to handle bullies. Even worse, I started to stand up for my friends who were bullied.

Did I get my @ss kicked? Several time? Right Michael Hoover?

And we’ve been BFF for over 40 years now.

It’s not bullying. It’s sorting out who’s the leader. It’s a guy thing.

Like Muhammed Ali, he floats and stings and at the end of the day I’d bet he and Joe Frazier shared a beer.

I know that’s how it was. When I stood up to the bullies, even if I lost, we were friends. Bullies like you if you stand up. Maybe not that day, but give a month or two.

Or twenty, thirty years. Those bullies aren’t that bad.

I’m Pissed Off!

I’m PO’ed!

At the Obamarrhoid.

Obama, a black skin tag on our collective ass. A cancer that needs to be removed via violent means, as all cancers are. Cancers are killed: DRT.

Also PO’ed at Jesse Jackson. Calls himself a ‘reverend’.

Let me tell you something you sorry excuse for a Christian Mr. Jackson, hell, I doubt Muslims would welcome you. I’m a lousy Mormon, but I know I’ve done more for the people in my life than you ever did for… who? Tawana Brawley?
Who ordained you?
What church?

I can answer both of those questions in my case. I was ordained an Elder by my father before he died. I graduated four years of Seminary. I’ve answered my church’s calls, sporadically. Not perfect. My church keeps asking me to be better than I am.

What church is overseeing you Jackson?

My bishop met with me just this last Sunday about my service. He wants to extend a calling to me. Will I answer? Maybe. The fact is, I don’t feel competent.

Is the ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton competent? What good has he ever done?

Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and # blacklivesmatter, have done more damage to race-relations than slavery ever did.

When I was a child, Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson, were great entertainers. Black? Yes. Did I care? No. I didn’t care back in grade school. My best friend Winfred was black. I didn’t care. Except for the part that his parents wouldn’t allow him to cross Arlington Ave (a four-lane street) by himself. I was allowed to do so. In fact, I had to do so many times while shepherding my younger sisters to the city park… it had a wading pool.

Nowadays a nine-yr-old like me escorting 7 and 5 yr-old sisters to the park is evidence of parental criminal neglect.

We left Indianapolis schools in 1969. Why? Because some racist judge decided we needed to be integrated. Our school was already integrated. It was a neighborhood school in an integrated neighborhood. Me and my sisters could walk across the alley to school. Most kids did walk to school, and walked home for lunch. But that judge threw all that out. Why?

I don’t know. But Mom and Dad looked out for us. We didn’t need to be bussed an hour across town to attend a court-approved ‘integrated’ school.

Not done yet. But it’s late. I’ll take this up later.

How the FAA Shot Down “Uber for Planes” | Foundation for Economic Education

“Instead of embracing this service, the FAA used tortuous logic to ban Flytenow and other online flight-sharing websites because it considered these to be “common carriers” (such as Delta Airlines). Private pilots cannot possibly comply with the myriad regulations that apply to the large airlines.”

Source: How the FAA Shot Down “Uber for Planes” | Foundation for Economic Education

Hamilton Awards Speech: “The Only True ‘Safe Space’ is Liberty and Freedom”

“The only true ‘safe space’ is liberty and freedom”: Heather Mac Donald’s rousing Hamilton Awards speech.

“Can we have a reality check here? Every American college student today, no matter his race or gender, is among the most privileged individuals in human history. Millions of Chinese students are at this very moment studying their butts off in the hope of gaining access to the intellectual resources that American students take for granted.”

Source: Hamilton Awards Speech: “The Only True ‘Safe Space’ is Liberty and Freedom”

These Aren’t The Justice-Involved Individuals You’re Looking For | Stately McDaniel Manor

“The only reasonable conclusion is that Progressives, who essentially control most of our institutions of “higher learning,” and who are so worried about the “rape culture” that has turned their worker’s paradises into places no rational woman would think to set foot, want to solve the problem of the rape culture by importing as many known—actually, unknown to them–rapists and other kinds of criminals as possible. What are the rapes, even the lives, of 25% and more of college women compared to Progressive ideological purity?”

Source: These Aren’t The Justice-Involved Individuals You’re Looking For | Stately McDaniel Manor