Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins | National Review

A partial listing of the damage done.

The Left has ruined most of the arts. The following three examples are chosen because they are scatological, a favorite form of left-wing artistic expression. Before the Left poisoned the arts, art was intended to elevate the viewer (or listener). But to the Left, “elevate” is a meaningless term; it is far more at home depicting urine, fecal matter, and menstrual blood.

Source: Whatever the Left Touches It Ruins | National Review

Study: Describing Breastfeeding as ‘Natural’ Is Unethical Because It Reinforces Gender Roles


Yet another example of the mental illness of leftists and their war on reality. What a leftist knows about ethics is naturally risible. It is natural to laugh at them as we remove them from public view and consign them to mental institutions. What do they think breasts are naturally for?

“Referencing the ‘natural’ in breastfeeding promotion… may inadvertently endorse a set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,” the study says.

Unless such public-service announcements “make transparent the ‘values and beliefs that underlie them,’” they should quit describing breastfeeding as “natural.”

But the study’s authors, Jessica Martucci and Anne Barnhill, clearly have in mind an alternative set of “values and beliefs,” about which which they are not transparent.

Source: Study: Describing Breastfeeding as ‘Natural’ Is Unethical Because It Reinforces Gender Roles

‘Uneducated’: The Left’s Favorite Pejorative

The left wants to keep up the great lie that you need a college education to be happy and successful, and moreover as a prerequisite for holding any sort of an opinion.  Leftists mock the idea of an autodidact and any form of self-education.  In their minds, “real” knowledge can only be spoon-fed to you within the great halls of an institution.

As an autodidact myself, I’ve run into old acquaintances who do indeed mock the idea that one can educate oneself. Even worse is the disdain they exhibit for ‘real world’ experience. These are credentialed academics teaching at eastern universities.

I’ve found them to be shallow, ill-informed, and, from my perspective, uneducated in anything but, maybe, the narrow area of study their degree is in. Yet for some reason they think they are ‘experts’ on everything else also.

Source: ‘Uneducated’: The Left’s Favorite Pejorative

History, Race and ‘Science’

This is an insult, and insults lead to resentment. Does anyone suppose that “white people,” as a collective group, will forever be content to shrug off this kind of insulting racial guilt-trip? Any sober student of history must conclude that “Fierce Fat Feminist” is a fool to imagine she can haphazardly hurl such provocative anti-white insults onto the Internet without consequence. Even if you know nothing of history, however, why do you think Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton? And why do you think liberals were so surprised by Hillary’s defeat?

Source: History, Race and ‘Science’

The Narrowing of Language: ‘Discrimination’

We all, in fact, discriminate because that is the essence of freedom and conscience.  If we simply believe what the state dictates, then we are drones without any spark of life or reason.  When people worry about “discrimination,” what they really mean is the unequal treatment of blacks and, to a lesser extent, women and Jews.  But when the state extends “protection” to groups who no longer need protection, that creates simmering anger at those who are the notional “discriminators.”

Discrimination is a right. You have a right to choose, which means you’ve discriminated against what you didn’t choose.

Source: The Narrowing of Language: ‘Discrimination’

What Liberals Think America Is Doing Right

Toleration is beneficial inasmuch as it bolsters our ability to live freely and righteously.  It is not a value by itself – it is bound by shared ethical standards.

To understand the bounds of tolerance, ask yourself the following questions.  Would it be OK to legalize pedophilia?  Should incest be allowed?  What about bestiality?

The most intolerant people are those preaching tolerance. Discrimination is a right.

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