‘Involuntary Celibates’ Are The Next Manifestation Of Sexual Socialists

Taken at face value, incels’ demands are nothing less than the socialism of sex. From each according to her ability, to each according to his needs, sex is to be taken out of the control of the individuals having it, placed in the hands of the state, and distributed equally. How will this bureaucratic nightmare of state-sponsored rape work? As with the usual plans of statists, the answer is simply “We’ll pass a law.”

Source: ‘Involuntary Celibates’ Are The Next Manifestation Of Sexual Socialists

Is There a Suicide Epidemic? – Logan Albright

As for the second question, “what should be done?”, I am willing to take the controversial position of “not much.” Suicide is already prohibited by law, and the mere suggestion that a person may be suicidal is regarded as justification for robbing them of their freedom through involuntary commitment in a psychiatric institution.

Well-meaning friends on Facebook will share posts about how there are 22 veterans committing suicide every day. 22 a day? That’s just veterans. This number is always bandied about sans any supporting evidence or source. I don’t believe there is an ‘epidemic’ of suicide. It’s not a disease spread by microbes after all. How can it be an epidemic?

If there are a lot of people committing suicide it’s because of the Democrat Party and their platform of hopelessness and death. They support abortion, they support assisted suicide. It’s what they want.

Source: Is There a Suicide Epidemic? – Logan Albright



David Limbaugh – The Democratic Party’s Christian Problem

When leftists aren’t denying their prejudice, they often selectively cite Scripture to “prove” that Jesus Christ was a social justice warrior or that the Bible mandates open borders. Oh, yes, and Jesus didn’t judge people as we dastardly conservatives do. In a 2010 piece, liberal professor Michael Shermer quoted the oft-misinterpreted passage in which Jesus begins, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Then Shermer declared: “Would any red-blooded, gun-(toting), Hummer-driving, hard-drinking, Bible-(toting) conservative today (say) anything like this? (Matthew 5:43-44): ‘You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.'” (It is astounding that leftists see themselves as tolerant and nonjudgmental, but I’ll let their record speak for itself on this.)

I’ve never met a ‘Hummer-driving’ anybody. They are, or were, expensive. Only rich liberals could afford them.

Source: David Limbaugh – The Democratic Party’s Christian Problem

The Religion of Racism

If black people weren’t visiting national parks or living in sufficient numbers in Utah, it was evidence that national parks and Utah were racist. Racism was no longer something to be discovered by witnessing its presence, but by noting the absence of some ideal multicultural diversity statistic. Civil rights shifted from lifting state sanctions that mandated discrimination against black people to imposing state sanctions that mandated discrimination on behalf of black people. Like the segregationists, they were abusing government power to impose the version of the ideal racial balance that they wanted to see.

Source: The Religion of Racism

Actually, Socialism Does Work

Socialism worked for Mao. It worked for Fidel Castro. It worked for Erich Honecker and Nicolae Ceaușescu, until the very end. It worked for Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, again with sad ends that didn’t inflict anywhere near enough pain to negate the years of glory and power that went before. It worked for Hugo Chavez, who like Castro, parlayed socialism into a multi-billion dollar fortune, and it has worked so far for Nicolas Maduro. All of these psychopaths, and many others, got exactly what they wanted out of socialism. From their point of view, it is a successful ideology.

Source: Actually, Socialism Does Work