Leftism and Degeneracy: A Beautiful Thing

I was rebuked for posting photos from gay pride parades in my column.  We’re told their lifestyle is beautiful, the new normal.  So why not show pictures of the beautiful things going on at gay pride parades – naked men performing mock sodomy in the streets, people in giant penis and vagina costumes, men and women dressed in BDSM nun outfits?

Leftism is Progressivism is Degeneracy is the Democrat Party. No redeeming features …

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Cultural Collapse Theory

The Cultural Collapse Progression

1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological “progress.”

2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and socialism.

3. Delay or abstainment of family formation by women to pursue careerist lifestyles while men wait in confused limbo.

4. Decreasing birth rate among native population.

5. Government enactment of open immigration policies to prevent economic collapse.

6. Immigrant refusal to fully acclimate, forcing host culture to adopt external rituals and beliefs while being out-reproduced.

7. Natives becoming marginalized in their own country.

Interesting theory. The author expands on each of these in the article.

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Enforcing the Law Is Inherently Violent

Democrats want to pass laws banning everything from straws to guns to free speech. Democrats are saying they are okay with killing you to enforce these laws. This shouldn’t surprise us. After all Democrats are also okay with killing babies in the womb and the elderly through ‘assisted suicide murder.’

It is an argument for a degree of humility as we choose which of the many things we may not like to make illegal. Behind every exercise of law stands the sheriff – or the SWAT team – or if necessary the National Guard. Is this an exaggeration? Ask the family of Eric Garner, who died as a result of a decision to crack down on the sale of untaxed cigarettes. That’s the crime for which he was being arrested. Yes, yes, the police were the proximate cause of his death, but the crackdown was a political decree.

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5 Stages Of Decline After A Society Becomes Infected By Feminism

Stage 4 feminism profoundly affects the reproductive life cycle of individuals even beyond stage 3 dysfunction. Heterosexual activity is discouraged: cockblocking, “street harassment” rhetoric, dreadful lies about “rape culture“, etc. Unfounded accusations obtain great publicity; when discovered to be false, there are no consequences for the accuser.

I’m reminded of my favorite Robert Stacy McCain quote:

“The reason why feminists think all men are stupid is because no intelligent man would ever waste time talking to a feminist.”

They’re mentally ill. Stay away from all feminists.

Source: 5 Stages of Decline After A Society Becomes Infected By Feminism.



The Problem with Gay Marriage

Moreover, to contend, as same-sex couples do, that they can adopt children or rely on sperm donors merely accentuates the paradox, for they reveal themselves as dependent on precisely the sexual fertility which they forsake and the procreative function they have renounced.

Homosexual ‘marriage’ lacks diversity. If you’re too much alike, one of you is unnecessary. Homosexuals are unnecessary… period.

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The Curmudgeon Seeks A Safe Space In History: Part 2

When King Henry died, his successor King Richard I felt bad about the situation and sent orders to release Eleanor from supervision. Her custodians had already released her! I assume she was found sitting on a pile of gold next to the dead body of her jailer; possibly twirling a dagger between her fingers and drawing up plans for a Death Star. Empowered? How about Supervillian!

After a couple more daring escapes, kidnappings, and betrayals, Eleanor died. It was 1204. They chained the crypt shut to keep her from coming back from the dead with another plan to seize power.

Bwhahahaha! I’ll never be able to discuss Eleanor of Aquitaine again without chuckling over her ‘huge tracts of land’. Then there’s this gem:

Giving Lindsay Lohan a tiara and then turning her loose in a room filled with cocaine would cause fewer problems.

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