Articles: K-12: No Joy In Reading. That’s the Plan.

The result of all these unnecessary (or destructive) techniques is to make children unable to read or unable to derive pleasure from reading. A lot of teenage boys say, “I hate reading. I don’t like books.” Probably the truth in most cases is, they don’t actually know how to read, or they know how to read in a clumsy way, one guessed Sight-word at a time. They were never taught to read correctly, and that’s where they stay. Many people suffer a lifelong agony as a result.

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Random Thoughts | Adaptive Curmudgeon

It’s a great time to be alive. We’re living in a goddamn miracle (albeit one with germs). Yet when I wandered around a city I noticed that nobody goes anywhere unless accompanied by an electronic avatar bitching at them that life sucks. Who needs this? Why are we intent on comparing the real world (which has awesome things like boobies and bacon) to a non-existent, unattainable, hypothetical land of unicorn farts?

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Animal’s Daily Heath Care Rights News | Animal Magnetism

If one has a government-guaranteed taxpayer-funded health care, that requires someone else (a taxpayer) to surrender a portion of their own wealth, their own property, to pay for it.  That means that the taxpayer is required to labor for a portion of the year with no recompense.

There are several words for that; indenture is probably the most polite one.

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Female Trouble | The Z Blog

Look at the reaction to Donald Trump among the ruling class of the United States. He is detested, mostly by upper class women. Their reason is he has a penis and enjoys using it. As a comparison, Le Pen’s support is lowest among upper middle-class women in France. Sweden, which now runs on the principles of the womyn’s studies department at your local university, is also the poster child fro immigration restriction. The broads in charge of that country have destroyed at least two of their cities with Muslim migrants.

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Articles: Trigger-Warning Tyrants

In other words, if, let’s say, you like homosexual behavior or just don’t care about it, that’s not called tolerance; it’s called affinity or indifference. A prerequisite for tolerating it is considering it a negative.

Thus, the true measure of tolerance is how well you handle things you don’t like. And pro tip: if you’re so triggered by “Where are you from?” and “You speak English really well” — which are also labeled microaggressions — that you participate in a Stalinesque effort to purge such things from discourse, you’re not just not tolerant; you’re not even tolerable.

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